A Giant "W" in the Sky

On a beautiful night in Sacramento, summer 2020:

Twenty-five thousand people streaming out of Blue Diamond Plaza, known by most as the Nut House. A giant "W" spotlighted in the sky. At least a couple thousand more enjoying the ongoing festivities less than a mile away at the Railyards, where they had just watched Republic defeat LAFC in a thrilling MLS Friday Night featured match, projected on the side of one of the old brick buildings that now make up one of the most live summer night spots on the west coast.

A weekly celebration of Sacramento, from Tower Bridge Batallion storming the Railyards (noisily, but peacefully, of course) to Iwasa Local Hero, featuring unsung heroes in the valley, to Coach Jak's 3 Keys to 3 Points, to the player/staff selected featured musical artist of the match, to the player/staff selected local flavor of the week, whether a Blue Diamond option or local food fare, along with a hotly debated list of most complementary local brews. Aside from the restaurants and pubs at the Railyards, Old Sac and the arena, there are restored railroad cars serving food truck style while local musicians and artists contribute to the atmosphere created by the sunset, the delta breeze, and the marvelous mix of humanity that is Sacramento.

It all culminated in a brilliant extra time finish, Mexican to Montenegran to Brit to victory to dancing in the streets to cycling home with friends to find Klimenta-l Breakdown of the Match at Truly soccer, truly Sacramento, truly Republic. Meet me again here next week!

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