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Pre-Match Predictions for Republic vs Whitecaps 2

What will tonight’s lineup be? The result? Will Iwasa make Republic history? We’ve had our say. Now what do you think?

Photo Gallery: Sacramento Republic vs Real Monarchs SLC Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

It’s almost time for tonight’s match and we just couldn’t resist trying to predict what will happen. Here’s what we think is coming tonight.

What do you think the lineup for tonight’s game will be?

Evan Eyster (@IronPonyChef)

The same lineup that we saw against Orange County. If Thompson is not available, Alvarez will get the start. Going for broke and starting Kneeshaw or Cole if Thompson isn't available would be fun though.

Josh Beeman (@josh_beeman)

The lineup we saw last time out got the job done against both Orange County Blues and Portland Timbers 2. I’d like to see that same group get the start tonight. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If the fates are unkind to us today and Tommy Thompson is unavailable, I would like to see Harry Williams get a start tonight. In part because I like what he brings to the table, and in part because his family is in town and it’d be great to see the Prince of Quails in person instead of on YouTube.

Omar Gonzalez (omarvelously)

If it ain't broke don't fix it. With 5 goals in two games, Buckle will repeat the same lineup as the past two fixtures. However, if Thompson makes the trip with the Quakes to visit Adam Jahn in Columbus, then I think Buckle starts Kneeshaw in his place, as he offers similar dynamism and off-the-ball movement as the Homegrown Player.

For reference, this is the lineup that the Republic has put out for the last two weeks.

What will be the final score of tonight’s game?

Evan Eyster

1-1 Final. This is the second game in a week and against a talented team. Both teams find the back of the net and will be happy to keep pace for hosting playoff games with the draw.

Josh Beeman

I’m going to be a bit optimistic and say we’ll see a 2-1 win tonight. The Whitecaps 2 defense is not that great, so I think we’ll probably see them concede a goal or two. On the other hand, their offense is quite potent and I think they have what it takes to score one, especially if the Republic defense plays how it did against Timbers 2.

Omar Gonzalez

2-1 Republic. When you've got momentum behind you and an on-form Barrera serving out assists like they're going out of fashion, anything is possible.

Stephen on the ICS Facebook page says that he thinks the Quails will come away with a 3-2 win tonight.

How many minutes (if any) will Carlton Cole get in tonight’s game?

Evan Eyster

He will get minutes tonight. I’d say he comes in between the 60th and 70th minute.

Josh Beeman

He’ll definitely be getting minutes tonight, but I would be surprised if he gets the start. He’ll probably be a second-half sub around the 70th minute.

Omar Gonzalez

Cole will make his Republic and Bonney Field debut, but as a substitute in the second half.

Stephen said on the ICS Facebook page that he thinks Cole will come on in the 75th minute and score the game winner in stoppage time.

Will Cameron Iwasa break Thomas Stewart’s single-season goal scoring record tonight?

Evan Eyster

Not this game. The Thompson-Barrera-da Fonte connection is working well right now so that is where I see the scornig coming from.

Josh Beeman

It’s always hard to predict who will score and when, but I certainly hope Iwasa gets a goal tonight and breaks the record. But even if he doesn’t do it tonight, he still will have four games until the end of the season.

Omar Gonzalez

Iwasa breaks the record.

That’s what we think will happen in tonight’s match. What do you think will happen? Sound off in the comments below.