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Republic By The Numbers: A Galaxy of Cards

Today we take a look back at this season's series against LA Galaxy II, a look ahead to the playoffs, and a look into the contributions of Wilson Kneeshaw.

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

Another season series with Los Dos has come and gone and yet again Sacramento has claimed the regular season series as their own, in large part due to the second-half heroics of the recently signed Wilson Kneeshaw.  Today, we take a look at the season series that was, and look ahead to the post season, by the numbers.

10 -€” Current unbeaten streak by Republic, a club record.

4 -€” Games unbeaten against Los Dos this season, the first time the Republic never dropped a game to the Galaxy in the regular season.

4.25 -€” Yellow cards issued in games between Republic and the Galaxy this season

3.44 -€” Yellow cards issued per game in all other Republic games this season

0.5 -€” Red cards issued per game between Republic and the Galaxy this season

0.16 -€” Red cards issued per game in all other Republic games this season

1 -€” Highest seed that Republic can obtain this season. To get the top seed, the team needs a win against Tulsa and a Colorado Springs loss, or a draw with a loss from Colorado Springs and a draw/loss by Rio Grande Valley

3 -€” Lowest seed Republic can obtain this season, requiring a Rio Grande Valley win and a Sacramento loss.  Or an RGV win, Sacramento draw and Colorado Springs draw.

3 -€” Goals scored this season by Wilson Kneeshaw.

3 -€” Shots on goal by Kneeshaw this season.

0 -€” Off target shots by Kneeshaw this season.

4 -€” Appearances by Kneeshaw this season.

99 - Minutes played by Kneeshaw this season.

5 -€” Players who have scored a minimum of three goals for Republic (Iwasa, da Fonte, Williams, Thompson and Kneeshaw)

1 - Number of goals required by Cameron Iwasa in the final game of the season against Tulsa to set a Sacramento Republic record.

1 - Number of goals Sacramento can allow in their final game of the season against Tulsa and still set a record for least goals conceded per game in club history.

With only one game left to the end of the season, will we see Iwasa take sole control of the single season scoring record?  Will Sacramento set a record for best defense in club history?  Will Kneeshaw continue to score nearly every time he even looks at the ball?  Check back for the final numbers next week!