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USL Western Conference Playoff Positioning Still Not Set On Last Day of the Season

Everything has come down to this. It is the last day of the season and every single game played today has playoff implications. Read what is at stake in each of today's games.

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With one day left in the USL West season, everything comes down to this.  Each game played today will feature at least one team fighting to increase their playoff standing, or one team who is fighting to sneak into the final spot of the playoffs.  This is what is at stake in all of the USL West games.

Saint Louis FC v Oklahoma City Energy

Saint Louis FC (Eliminated): Saint Louis are out of the playoffs already and cannot finish in the top eight, but they will go a long way in deciding the fate of the Energy.

Oklahoma City Energy (Best Seed -€” 6, Worst Seed -€” 7): The Energy will be in the sixth or seventh seed due to a late season slump.  To gain the sixth seed, they will need to beat Saint Louis and get help from the Monarchs.

Seattle Sounders 2 v Swope Park Rangers

Seattle Sounders 2 (Best Seed -€” 8, Worst Seed -€” Eliminated): Seattle's playoff hopes are alive, but just barely.  To take the eighth seed they will need a ton of help, and they will need to blow out the Swope Park Rangers.  Anything but a near record setting win will eliminate Seattle.

Swope Park Rangers (Best Seed -€” 3, Worst Seed -€” 5): After winning five of their last six games, Swope Park has a wide range of possible finishes.  A win by the Rangers will guarantee them a home game, and with some help from San Antonio, they can earn the third seed.  Anything less than a win will leave the Rangers watching the Galaxy and Monarchs play to see if they will travel or host a first round match.

San Antonio FC v Rio Grande Valley Toros

San Antonio FC (Best Seed -€” 8, Worst Seed -€” Eliminated): The path is simple. Win and San Antonio finishes eighth. Anything less and they will be left sweating the late games.

Rio Grande Valley Toros (Best Seed -€” 1, Worst Seed -€” 4): A team who has guaranteed themselves a home game, the Toros must get at least a point, and get help, to finish first or second.  A loss will leave the Toros in third or fourth.

Sacramento Republic v Tulsa Roughnecks

Sacramento Republic (Best Seed -€” 1, Worst Seed -€” 3): Another team assured of a top three finish, Sacramento will have to wait to see the result of the Colorado Springs and Orange County game to see what their fate is.  A win will move them into a guaranteed top two spot, anything less can see them drop to third on the final day of the season.

Tulsa Roughnecks (Eliminated): After having been eliminated from the playoffs for a long time, the Roughnecks can finish the season with a bang and possibly drop Sacramento into the third seed.

Colorado Springs Switchbacks v Orange County Blues

Colorado Springs Switchbacks (Best Seed -€” 1, Worst Seed -€” 3): A win in the final game of the season will guarantee Colorado Springs the top seed in the West.  A draw or a loss will pose the risk of the Switchbacks dropping down to the second or third seed.

Orange County Blues (Best Seed -€” 8, Worst Seed -€” Eliminated): A win is the best chance for the Blues to make the playoffs this season, but they are not immediately eliminated with a draw.  Either way, they will still need assistance from others to grab the eighth seed, and their fate may be sealed before their game ends, as San Antonio kicks off earlier in the day.

Arizona United v Portland Timbers 2

Arizona United (Eliminated): After dealing major damage to the hopes of the Monarchs last week, Arizona looks to play spoiler for a second straight week.  A win will take the Timbers out of playoff contention, as the United look to make a mark on the playoffs from the outside.

Portland Timbers 2 (Best Seed -€” 8, Worst Seed -€” Eliminated): Portland has won four straight, outscoring their opponents 9-1 in that run.  A win and a stumble by San Antonio will put the Timbers on the inside track to take the eighth seed.  A draw will require the Timbers to have plenty of help, and a loss will send Portland home short of the postseason for the second straight year.

Real Monarchs v Los Angeles Galaxy II

Real Monarchs (Best Seed -€” 8, Worst Seed -€” Eliminated): The Monarchs must win for any chance of making the playoffs.  Anything less and the Monarchs will miss out on the USL postseason for the second time in two years.

Los Angeles Galaxy II (Best Seed -€” 4, Worst Seed -€” 7): With a win on the final day of the season, Galaxy II can move all the way up to fourth place and a first-round home home game.  Anything but a draw will leave Los Dos in the sixth or seventh seed, pending results from the earlier Oklahoma City game.

With everything at stake, many questions will be answered.  Which of the Colorado Springs, Sacramento and Rio Grande Valley will take home the top seed in the West?  Will Swope Park or Los Dos grab the 4th and final home game?  Who will take eighth place?  Watch this Saturday to get all the answers!