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USL poised to unveil 2017 “Kickoff” schedule amid Charlotte drama

With the president of Charlotte Independence holding his club hostage to the city’s MLS hopes as recently as Wednesday, we’re assuming that the season will continue as planned.

Though I wasn’t one of the people pounding my silverware on the table and chanting for the USL schedule to be released, I was extremely interested to see that it might have been delayed well into next month by a really asinine wrinkle out of Charlotte.

Clearly, the January 31 deadline for this round of Major League Soccer expansion applications is a problem for the president of Charlotte Independence, Jim McPhilliamy. Having targeted MLS expansion from the launch of his USL club over two years ago, McPhilliamy is understandably upset to be on the outside of Marcus Smith’s seemingly-legitimate MLS bid, but with local politicians scrambling to understand what’s being asked of them as the clock winds down to zero, USL fans have been made to wonder if this is the end of the Charlotte Independence.

Thankfully, I guess, the end has been staved off for now, and it looks as though we’ll get to peek at the opening matches for each of the USL’s planned 30 teams.

Color me curious.