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Help Wanted

We’re seeking contributors to help us continue growing and improving. Think you’re ICS material?

Alex Leguizamo

We here at Indomitable City Soccer take pride in bringing you the best Sacramento Republic FC news, commentary, and other coverage.

However, we need something to take what we do to the next level... YOU!

Truth be told, we are always looking for more contributors. But with the 2017 season rapidly approaching, we’re looking to grow our team and make our sophomore year even better than the first.

Our positions of need are listed below. If you think you fit what we’re looking for, contact us at If you think you can provide us with something that we don’t list below, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re open to fresh ideas.

Note: These are not paid positions. However, the right person will gain rich experience in media, a unique perspective on both the Republic and USL, and in some cases, credentialed access. (plus, it’s fun AF)


  • Sacramento Republic FC Academy Correspondent — The Baby Quails are the future of the Republic and a big part of the club’s roots in the Sacramento soccer community. We want someone to tell the stories of this underappreciated and under-reported part of the club.
  • SRFC Alumni Correspondent — The Republic have been around for a few years and quite a few players have come and gone. We want someone who can give fans regular updates on how their past favorites are doing with their new clubs.
  • Around the USL/League-wide Correspondent — As the only USL blog on the SB Nation network, we want to do our part to spread big news from around the league. We’re looking for someone (Sacramento local or not) who can write about the big stories happening around the league for our Around the USL Hub.
  • Opinion/Commentary — One great thing about Republic soccer is that there is no shortage of diverse opinions. If you have the desire uncontrollable need to regularly share your opinion on signings, performances, half-time shows, and more, you could find a home here.


  • Editors — In addition to writing staff, we’re looking to bolster our corps of editors. If you find yourself accidentally proofreading every story you see, correcting your grandmother’s grammar, or beginning sentences with “Actually...” then we’d like to hear from you.


Social Media Manager — Is one of your favorite things about sports the interaction and feeling of community it brings? If so, you may have a home here as a social media manager. We’re looking for people familiar with or engaged in the Republic social media spheres to help identify potential content ideas and help ensure our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are running smoothly.

Photographer — If you’re a photographer wanting to gain experience in a sports setting or looking for a unique Republic gameday experience, we want to hear from you. As an ICS photographer, you would help provide us with an aspect of coverage that is fairly unique among SB Nation blogs — our very own photo galleries!

Video content creator — We’re looking for someone who can help us expand our scope of content to include videos. This includes highlights, analysis, or just quick news hits. If you have experience creating video content, or an interest and willingness to learn, contact us.

If you don’t fit any of the above positions but still find yourself wanting to share your thoughts, make sure to check out our Fanpost section, where ICS community members can make their own posts.