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Sacramento Republic FC’s MLS Dream Continues

An agreement has been reached between the Republic and Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings.

Photo Credit: Sacramento Republic FC/Douglas Taylor
Photo Credit: Sacramento Republic FC/Douglas Taylor
Sacramento Republic FC/Douglas Taylor

Crisis averted, for now. Sacramento Republic FC and Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings (SSEH) have come to an agreement today, in principal, for the rights to the Republic name and brand for the prospective MLS franchise. Sacramento Mayor Darrel Steinberg lead the two-day marathon negotiation session, which capped off a tumultuous week of public outcry from the Republic fan base and both parties involved.

“I am extremely pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement in principle that ensures Sacramento Republic FC will be the future of MLS for Sacramento. I thank all involved for their commitment to our city and for putting the public first. By working together, we have the strongest bid and are committed to ensuring Sacramento Republic FC becomes the next MLS team,” said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Kevin Nagle, Chairman and CEO of SSEH said, “At long last, Sacramento stands before MLS as one team and one community. From day one, my hope and expectation was to come together with Sacramento Republic FC as a united front. While it took longer than I had hoped, we’ve now reached our goal and delivered the result that Sacramento and Republic FC fans deserve. I thank Mayor Steinberg for his leadership, and congratulate Warren Smith and his team for building something truly special in SRFC. It’s now time to finish what we started and fulfill Sacramento’s destiny as an MLS city.”

“On behalf of Sacramento Republic FC and all of its fans and supporters, I want to thank Mayor Steinberg for his leadership during these meetings,” said Warren Smith, President of Sacramento Republic FC. “His leadership was instrumental in bringing the parties together, and we are hopeful that the principle terms we discussed today can result in a definitive agreement that will lead Sacramento Republic FC to Major League Soccer. Thanks to our fans, supporters and indomitable city, Republic FC will be Sacramento’s MLS team.”

According the official release from the Mayor’s office, Sacramento Republic FC’s Warren Smith and ownership group will continue to own and operate the USL franchise until the start of MLS play. After the start of MLS play, Kevin Nagle and SSEH will assume ownership of the team.

It is not clear if the ownership of the team will change hands once an MLS franchise is granted to Sacramento or actual MLS “play” begins.

Nagle and SSEH will lead the MLS expansion process and stadium plans for the downtown Railyards. Both parties will draft definitive documents finalizing the agreement in the upcoming weeks.

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