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USL Western Conference Team of the Month for April

Who had the top scores for the first part of the season? We have that answered for you

Now that six weeks of the 2017 USL season have come and gone, it is time to reflect the best of the best players in April (and one week of March). The following XI represent the best single week performances for the season in the first six weeks. Player ratings for players in the first two weeks have been updated to match our updated scoring methodology which decreases the emphasis on goals scored. In the event that a player named Billy Forbes has had such a great start to the season that he would appear on the list in two positions, he will only be listed one time.

Team of April:

Goalkeeper: Calle Brown, Rio Grande Valley Toros - 4500 pts (Week 3)

Defender: James Moberg, Real Monarchs SLC - 3199 pts (Week 1)

Defender: Greg Cochrane, San Antonio FC - 3405 pts (Week 4)

Defender: Sebastian Ibeagha, San Antonio FC - 3571 pts (Week 4)

Defender: Francisco Ugarte, Tulsa Roughnecks - 3598 pts (Week 1)

Midfielder: Joseph Holland, Rio Grande Valley Toros - 3453 pts (Week 6)

Midfielder: Ben McKindry, Vancouver Whitecaps 2 - 3572 pts (Week 3)

Midfielder: Billy Forbes, San Antonio FC - 3590 pts (Week 2)

Forward: Duke Lacroix, Orange County SC - 3754 pts (Week 1)

Forward: Sammy Ochoa, Sacramento Republic FC - 3973 pts (Week 2)

Forward: Cesar Elizondo, San Antonio FC - 4927 pts (Week 6) - Player of the Month

Honorable Mentions:

Goalkeeper: Bryan Byars, Tulsa Roughnecks - 3340 pts (Week 2)

Defender: James Kiffe, Sacramento Republic - 3001 pts (Week 1)

Midfielder: Luke Rooney, Phoenix Rising - 3406 pts (Week 3)

Forward: Memo Rodriguez, Rio Grande Valley Toros - 3402 pts (Week 6)


It should be no surprise to anyone that after their unbeaten run to start the season that San Antonio would be the team with the most Team of the Month honors. What may be more impressive, however, is that they managed to get a player in every position with the exception of goalkeeper. Billy Forbes continues his early run with four appearances in his first six weeks, including three performances cracking the 3000 point mark.

In total only six teams made the list, and all player came from teams who are tied for 5th or better in weekly Best XI appearances. That is, except Lacroix from Orange County, who with a week one brace earned the only OCSC player of the week appearance to date.

Elizondo stole the Player of the Month award from RGV goalkeeper, Calle Brown, to have the first ICS Player of the Month award go to a striker.

Will the offensive positions continue to dominate? Will San Antonio stay hot and remain on the top of every list? Let us know what you think in the comments below!