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San Diego Attempting to Delay MLS Expansion Decision

“Wait for SD” Campaign begins, so MLS doesn’t leave them behind.

Soccerex - Manchester: Day Five
Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images

The MLS expansion process has hit another snag. Their bias towards the city of San Diego (for good reason) may reveal itself soon to the public, as SoccerCity SD has started a campaign to get MLS to wait for San Diego’s public city vote, which has been pushed to November 2018.

Although waiting for a 2018 vote hurts their chances, the likelihood of San Diego getting their team approved for the MLS during this cycle with San Antonio, Sacramento, Cincinatti, and Phoenix at the ready didn’t look great anyway. In fact, delaying the vote may actually increase their chances so the city could get their financials together.

The city of San Diego, having just lost their Chargers to the neighboring city of Los Angeles are currently doing the best they can, by starting a campaign to delay MLS’s decision on their expansion selections.

What does this mean for Sacramento Republic FC’s chances? Honestly, it doesn’t appear to hurt the team. The whole point of the campaign is to get the MLS to wait on selecting ALL of the remaining 4 slots MLS has put up for auction. Sacramento could easily get selected at the end of this year (December 2017). Although, it would be hard for MLS to justify selecting yet another California team after having San Jose, Sacramento and Los Angeles (x2).

Chin up, San Diego. Take a look at the blueprints of how Sacramento kept the Kings from leaving. You already have a great slogan!