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USL Western Conference Elo Rankings - Week 22

A new team takes a top two spot

You can read last week’s rankings here and an explanation of our methodology here.

In a week where five of the eight games played finshed with the teams level, those who were able to capitalize and earn wins were the only teams that sparked movement in the table. But as a result of the performances, we have a new #2 team in the Elo as Reno have edged up to second, looking much like the Rio Grande team who did the same in the 2016 season. However Reno will hope to stop emulating the Toros franchise both in playoff results and as the Nevada club embarks on their second season next year.

1 (Last Week – 1) Real Monarchs SLC (1167)

Last Week: Drew Swope Park Rangers (2-2)

Next Week: vs #11 Rio Grande Valley Toros (1085)

2 (3) Reno 1868 FC (1147)

Last Week: Defeated Sacramento Republic (2-1)

Next Week: vs #4 Swope Park Rangers (1135)

3 (2) San Antonio FC (1145)

Last Week: Drew Oklahoma City Energy (0-0)

Next Week: vs #14 Vancouver Whitecaps 2 (1059), vs #15 Portland Timbers 2 (1020)

4 (4) Swope Park Rangers (1135)

Last Week: Drew Real Monarchs SLC (2-2)

Next Week: at #6 Sacramento Republic (1118), at #2 Reno 1868 FC (1147)

5 (6) Tulsa Roughnecks (1119)

Last Week: Drew Orange County SC (0-0)

Next Week: at Saint Louis FC (1073)

6 (5) Sacramento Republic (1118)

Last Week: Lost to Reno 1868 FC (1-2)

Next Week: vs #4 Swope Park Rangers (1135), at #9 Phoenix Rising (1096)

7 (7) Orange County SC (1101)

Last Week: Drew Tulsa Roughnecks (0-0), Drew Phoenix Rising (1-1)

Next Week: vs #8 Oklahoma City Energy (1099)

8 (8) Oklahoma City Energy (1099)

Last Week: Drew San Antonio FC (0-0)

Next Week: at #7 Orange County SC (1101)

9 (9) Phoenix Rising (1096)

Last Week: Drew Orange County SC (1-1)

Next Week: vs #6 Sacramento Republic (1118)

10 (10) Colorado Springs Switchbacks (1087)

Last Week: Lost to Los Angeles Galaxy II (1-2)

Next Week: Bye Week

11 (11) Rio Grande Valley (1085)

Last Week: Drew Vancouver Whitecaps 2 (1-1)

Next Week: at #1 Real Monarchs SLC (1167)

12 (12) Seattle Sounders 2 (1074)

Last Week: Defeated Portland Timbers 2 (2-1)

Next Week: Bye Week

13 (13) Los Angeles Galaxy II (1071)

Last Week: Defeated Colorado Springs Switchbacks (2-1)

Next Week: at #14 Vancouver Whitecaps 2 (1059)

14 (14) Vancouver Whitecaps 2 (1059)

Last Week: Drew Rio Grande Valley Toros (1-1)

Next Week: at #3 San Antonio FC (1145), vs #13 Los Angeles Galaxy II (1071)

15 (15) Portland Timbers 2 (1020)

Last Week: Lost to Seattle Sounders 2 (1-2)

Next Week: at #3 San Antonio FC (1145)


The top four teams are still clearly the top four teams. The Tulsa and Sacramento contingent who are trying to push for a playoff home game are nearing a point where they will need not only a run, but also help to break into a top four spot, even if both look fairly certain to be playing come playoff time.

At the middle of the table, the tight race to qualify for playoffs will heat up more this week as we see Orange County and Oklahoma City, two teams separated by only two Elo points, square off in an attempt to land in a playoff position as the season soon draws to an end.

What do you think about this week’s ratings? Can Sacramento climb their way up to a home playoff match? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter!