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A Modest Proposal for the Republic Starting XI

Sacramento’s latest signing offers new strategic opportunities for the under-performing side

With the signing of academy player Quincy Butler, Sacramento Republic finally has the pieces in place to put forward an attacking force that is sure to score goals. The Quails were short of personnel in the forward position until now. It is good that no other parts of the squad have been reinforced going into the playoff run-in. Our defense totally does not look shaky on lots of set pieces and counter-attacks, and we have many, many squad members to fill in for the defensive veterans who have played all 90 minutes of nearly every game all season. Goals only ever come from individual forward ability and movement, and never from clever midfield or build-up play.

I anticipate we see a new 3-4-3 with a revised starting XI against Swope Park Rangers. Threats will come from all over the field. Direct passing combined with a very high line, ideally within the opponent’s half, will ensure all ten outfield players can get a look at goal. Here is my best guess at who Republic will start against opposition from here on out:

An aggressive starting lineup for the Quails

Do you think this is a winning formation? Does Republic need to sign another forward, or two more forwards? Who would you like to see in the starting XI? Let us know in the comments what you think!