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It’s hypothetically Thanksgiving 2019: Giving thanks to Republic FC on what was an epic year

(Playfully) ranking the top five moments I am thankful for a year in advance.

Photo Credit: Sacramento Republic FC/Douglas Taylor

What an incredible year 2019 has been for Sacramento Republic FC. One could have never imagined that in November 2018 this club and city would be in the position we are today. But here we stand — the day before Thanksgiving — united as a community and looking ahead to what is surely a bright future for our club, city and region.

Below is a ranking of my top five moments in 2019 that I am thankful for in what was an epic year for the Quails and city:

  1. MLS finally came calling: We waited and waited. We saw Nashville and Cincinnati punch their ticket ahead of us and it cut deep. Other cities threatened our MLS bid. We searched far and wide for our whale investor. But then that day finally came when MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced that Sacramento would become the 28th MLS franchise. That long-awaited news would forever change the course of our future. We cheered at a rally downtown. And boy did we celebrate.
  2. Construction on the soccer stadium is underway: One of the largest infill projects in the country is now no more with construction well underway on the soccer stadium. With additional housing, restaurants, bars and other amenities in the works, this quadrant of town will quickly become a major destination for Sacramentans and our region. Not only will the stadium be home to the Republic, it will also host concerts, possible U.S. Men and Women National Team matches, and so much more.
  3. We hoisted the USL Championship Cup: After a disappointing end to the season in 2018, where the Republic dropped their opening round playoff match, second year Manager Simon Elliott and General Manager Todd Dunivant went back to work and added an additional striker to pair alongside Cameron Iwasa and defensive prowess that helped secure the Republic’s second USL Cup in six years.
  4. Parts of Starship Troopers 5 was filmed at Papa Murphy’s Park: Tri-Star Pictures and screenplay writer Edward Neumeier teamed up again to make Starship Troopers 5. Part of the film was shot at Papa Murphy’s Park during warm summer matches when bugs from the American River hold court (or pitch in this case). No word on a possible release date, but the movie will likely be nominated for a Razzie Award.
  5. Mascot soccer made a triumphant return: We all remember this halftime bit from a few years ago right? A pickup soccer game featuring local mascots at halftime? It was back in full force in 2019 and it was amazing. Slamson the Lion, Papa Muphy’s Pizza Slice, Dinger, Gunrock, and Herky the Hornet dazzled us with their soccer greatness.

While we can all likely agree on the top three listed above, what are your favorite (hypothetical) moments from 2019? Of course, it’s going to be hard to top Starship Troopers 5 and mascot soccer, but think big.

Sound off in the comment section below! And Happy Thanksgiving!