Thoughts from 208 (Youtube) Week 3

A great recovery, if not quite the escape of last week.

1 - Cameron Iwasa was such a key figure for 2016, but returns to become an even more critical piece after his Hiatus in the Heartland.

2 - Another game with great difficulty with build up through the midfield. This was interspersed with what could only be called the most wishful long balls.

3 - Two late goals after Eissele, Hall, and Kneeshaw entered the fray. Hmmm

4 - Moffat madness. First, a man who seemed like he should stay anchored to a deep defensive midfield position. Then, the man providing the service on both goals. Go figure.

5 - Alemán appears to be dancing until he spots Iwasa, not an entirely bad strategy. And they do seem to have early chemistry. Alemán and Bijev really don’t seem to be on the same page, however, since opening night.

6 - 7 points in the first three games. Great! But, doesn’t it seem like we are really missing our special K’s (Klimenta, Kiffe)?

Back home for Paint the Park!