View from 208 (belated), Week 4

10 points out of a possible 12 to open the season! Looking forward to the debut of Jure.


1 - it sure seems like S2 is a rival, despite the one-sidedness of the series between the two clubs. Genuine chippiness and dislike, even. The next two matches should be interesting whatever the standings.

2 - we’ll, it was a red card. And a case can easily be made for red. And a case can easily be made for yellow. But it was a red card. And it looks like Ele’s red for accumulation was overturned. Whatever, 3 points, but no Taintor in Vegas.

3 - still looks like the midfield isn’t fully in sync with one another and the forwards. Am I not seeing this right? Villarreal gets Team of the Week consideration . Bijev is so skilled. Alemán started the season with a connection with Iwasa. Still, it feels like they are having trouble being on the same page.

4 - Hall is a rock. Surely we wouldn’t be looking this good without him.

5 - Moffat over the PK?

6 - Cohen is a rock. It’s okay to have more than one rock, yes?

7 - My man of the match is Gomez. Three rocks?

Time to "Boom, boom! Out go the Lights!"

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