View from 208 (TV), Week 5

Still don’t look fluid or cohesive; still points from every match and 11 from a possible 15. Will Republic start taking lumps for not bringing it together, or will it start becoming a more aware and unified group? These next busy weeks should tell.


1 - Way too many minor league baseball parks masquerading as soccer fields. Cashman Field was just unpleasant to view. That small, patchy field must have been miserable to play on.

2 - Gaining a proper appreciation for Adam Moffat.

3 - Iwasa and Eissele do some manly work out there. Their hold up is top notch. Are they the right combination together, though, or does a speedster like Kneeshaw need to be paired with one of them?

4 - The work and discipline of this mixed and matched defense is remarkable. Cohen as a backstop is terrific out there, and I’m just realizing he has major league kick.

5 - I love this talented group of midfielders. Do they know each other? I wonder if Villarreal, Bijev, Alemán, et al, have such a similar skill set and are each so accustomed to being on the ball that they have difficulty working together.

6 - Looking forward to seeing more of Jure.

First midweeker! Can’t be there or even watch. Go get them Rocky Mountain boys!