View. From 208, Week 7

Well, top of the table versus bottom of the table, so, of course, very competitive match in which Republic played 80+ minutes from behind.


1 - How on earth can we come out game after game not mentally ready to compete? It feels like it’s getting worse.

2 - Nice to see Jure get the start and appeared very active, aggressive, and competent. But Iwasa up front from the open probably needs to happen.

3 - Good to see Kneeshaw on the pitch. Appeared rusty.

4 - Another night of kind of messy but busy and active work from Bijev. Plenty of lost 1v1’s. And then the great feed for the Espino goal. Hard to be critical, kind of hard to totally not be.

5 - Definitely need to come up with our own nickname for Roughnecks - something that really captures the time wasting, bad acting, drama-queening style they put us through. Puff Cakes? I don’t know. Especially that goaltender - what a pathetic display! How about grabbing your back and flailing for medical attention three times in the first half, but never coming off the field! What a soldier, huh!? And who’s the kid who like three or more times went into a four(!)-roll tumble? How bad do you have to be to have a strategy of behaving that badly? It’s a good thing I love Mirkovic, or I couldn’t stand him. Okay, enough.

Our boys had better be prepared to start games and clean it up in possession or the results will not keep coming. This game was a two point hand-off.

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