Did Anyone See Where I Left My MLS Application?

Well, just Yay! for Cincinatti, the smallish city with NFL, MLB, and MLS. We ended up with their Royals. Payback was coming sooner or later.

Turns out committed deep pockets WAS a big deal. Who could have foreseen that? Of course, now that there’s no particular reason, Republic brass (aluminium?) are in meaningful negotiations with major investors. Tonight’s lovely intimate outing with a few cherished season ticket holders should sound something like, "So, that glowing ball of fire and rising smoke behind me is definitely NOT the brilliant Railyards centerpiece/beautiful downtown professional soccer park going up in flames! Besides, we like Cal Expo bleachers best, anyways!"

Going from throngs of people downtown listening to Don Garner politic "it’s not if, but when" to immensely bungling the can’t-even-see-the-competition-in-the-rear-view-mirror advantage and mojo brings to mind the image of some fat guy face planted and passed out on the lawn with his kilt over his head while the party goes on around him. And I won’t pretend to be happy with that image in my head. Hard to tell if that looks like Nagle from this unfortunate angle. Maybe should have seen this on the horizon when "Sacramento", but NOT Republic, applied for expansion consideration.

Well, at least our beloved Cincinatti Royals of Sacramento scored the 2nd overall pick in this summer’s NBA draft for strategically being beyond inept for more than a decade. That ain’t nothin’! But I sarcastificate.

Now, let’s see if I can dial back my expectations and excitement and really get behind being one of the real contenders in the Reno/Rochester/Fresno league. Said because (mark my cursed words) Phoenix will become the new darling of the West, Drogba-gonnit! For crying out loud!

Or, I suppose I could be wrong.

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