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Recap: Reno 1868 1, Sacramento Republic 2

Sacramento able to recover from LA Galaxy II match against Reno

This Saturday night, Sacramento Republic, traveling to Reno, looked to bounce back after two consecutive losses. Including an embarrassing outing against hated rival LA Galaxy II where SRFC surrendered four goals in only the first half. After fans publicly called out the team, executives reached out claiming a lack of effort and result such as this would not occur again.

Sacramento Republic FC, however, appeared to approach the night with hesitancy as their offense was hardly able to create any chances, and the defense played stiff which resulted in some early chances for Reno.

Fortunately as the match went on, Sacramento was able to hit their stride and come away with an impressive offensive performance and three points.


Early in the match, Sacramento appeared to play with with hesitancy as they were unable to connect with even the most basic of passes on Reno’s side of the field. This created a lack of offensive production which in turn gave Reno several opportunities on offense. Fortunately for Sacramento, Josh Cohen was focused tonight as he made several early but crucial saves.

As the rest of the half went on, Sacramento was finally able to create some form of offensive flow, resulting in some promising possessions and a couple shots on goal.

Going in to the half, Sacramento Republic entered the locker room with momentum but were unfortunate to not show anything for it. At halftime Sacramento and Reno remain tied at 0 a piece.


It didn’t take long for Sacramento’s offensive momentum to continue into the second half. After only 64 seconds (46’), Cameron Iwasa was able to head a beautifully delivered ball in the box right into the back of the net. Sacramento Republic would take 1-0 lead.

Sacramento continued their offensive dominance in the half with consistent passing and opportunities created by their high pressure defense. In the 59th minute, Republic FC delivered again as Wilson Kneeshaw took a low, curved shot from the top of the box and into the back of the net after squeaking in between Reno’s goalkeeper’s mitt and the goal post. The lead extended for Sacramento to 2-0.

As Sacramento’s offense remained strong, the defense stayed aggressive. Although the high pressure of the defense allowed for Sacramento to take control, the aggressiveness ultimately gave Reno a golden opportunity to cut the lead as Emrah Klimenta fouled Reno forward, Casiple, in the box which led to a Reno penalty and score. The lead was cut 2 to 1.

For the remainder of the match, Reno came on strong with several shots on goal that were saved by the gloves of Cohen. Republic FC looked tense and appeared to feel the pressure as the match came to a close. The shocking addition of five minutes of extra time didn’t help the situation either as Reno was given new life. Fortunately, Sacramento was able to hold on and come away with a 2-1 victory in Nevada.