Where is Sacramento Republic FC's heart?

The 27th MLS Franchise was announced today and Austin FC was awarded. It was less than 5 years ago an upstart called Sacramento Republic FC was announced as a USL club, with the goal of joining MLS. They won a championship in their first year of existence, blew through previous attendance numbers, they got approval from the City for a Downtown Stadium, they had investors lined up to make this happen, and MLS Commissioner Don Garber came to town with all kinds of fanfare and announced "its not a matter if, it is a matter of when??

Now its 2019, Sacramento Republic FC went through a bidding process with 12 other cities and placed in the top 4, many pundits stated that Sacramento would be the 1st or 2nd city awarded a Franchise. But nothing has come to fruition, FC Cincinnati started a year after Sac Republic and their franchise is starting MLS this season, the Cities of Nashville and Miami got franchises without even having Stadium approval in place, and now Austin, Texas gets a franchise without even a team, a possible location, and an owner who has done nothing but alienate a fan base in Columbus, Ohio.

What are we hearing here in Sacramento? Crickets, loud chirping Crickets. The ownership groups has done nothing in the press, there are no updates on how the expansion plans are going, if they are even going? I have sent emails to Mr. Nagle and he has responded with we are working to have an answer soon. That was 3 months ago.

Where are the Republic Fans, where is the uproar!! Have we resigned ourselves that this is not going to get done?

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