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Our plans at Indomitable City Soccer during coronavirus shutdown

Join us, as we won’t go anywhere.

Courtesy of Sacramento Republic

Soccer is canceled, hopefully temporarily, because of coronavirus. So are basically all sports, and daily life is disrupted at minimum. What do we do now?

Hunker down, and do everything we can to mitigate risks and work to combat the spread and deal with coronavirus. But what does that mean for Indomitable City Soccer?

Not much, to be honest. We will continue to provide regular content on this site. Will it always be soccer-related? Well, we are a soccer site, so there will be plenty of soccer stuff. But we’ll get creative, we’ll try some stuff, some of it will work, some won’t.

Above all, we want to foster a virtual community here on Indomitable City Soccer — it’s one of the primary goals of this site after all, not just to recount the goals and wins for Sacramento Republic.

But we need you, too. Join us in the comments, interact on social media, and let’s offer support where we can, together, while we deal with this crisis and its fallout.

What do you think? What do you want to see on this site in the coming weeks? Let’s chat in the comments below.