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Sacramento Republic’s physical store closed due to coronavirus

You can still buy merch online though.

Courtesy of Sacramento Republic FC.

Most of us are trying to do our part to stop the spread of coronavirus and to work together in a difficult moment, and as part of that, Sacramento Republic announced their midtown team store will be closed until at least March 27 as a precaution.

The good news? You can still buy Sac Republic merch online through the team’s online store.

More news:

  • League disappointed about stoppage, but had to be done: USL VP of communications Ryan Madden spoke at length about the USL Championship postponing its season just one week in, and delaying the start of the USL League One season. “Eventually what happened, insular to what was going on with the other leagues around the country, we all collectively understood where this thing was trending, and where it was going, and if we were going to put the health and wellness of everyone involved first, there was really no decision to be made,” Madden told a radio program. You can read more on the league website.
  • RoRo is a helper: Rodrigo Lopez was an early adopter to solicit his availability locally for people in need. Well done by the midfielder to offer to help, and please help your loved ones, neighbors and community as best you can right now.
  • USL Championship classic games of the day: The league is streaming classic games from the past. No Sac Republic games included yet, but maybe eventually? We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and here’s today’s entry, a title game, no less.

Today’s question: How are you doing? Are you stuck at home or do you have to go out for work? Let’s chat in the comments below.