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Who's In, Who's Out? Recapping Sacramento Republic's Roster Moves

Sacramento Republic's roster has gone though several Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes in the offseason. We have them all together in one place.

Photo Credit: Sacramento Republic FC/Douglas Taylor

So far, Sacramento Republic's offseason has been a story of players leaving more than it has been one of players arriving. While I'm not prepared to use the phrase fire-sale like others have, seeing popular players move on is always difficult. That being said, here's a bit of a run down of the moves made so far and what they mean for Republic this next season.

Here's the roster as it stands as of January 25, 2016.

Who's In Pos 2015 Team Who's Out Pos New Team
Evan Newton GK OKC Energy Patrick McLain GK Chicago Fire
Dominik Jakubek GK Sacramento Republic Rodrigo Lopez MF Celaya FC
Mike da Fonte D NYRBII Mickey Daly D Bethlehem Steel
Derek Foran D Sacramento Republic Gabe Gissie MF/FWD Bethlehem Steel
James Kiffe D Sacramento Republic Nemanja Vukovic D Indy Eleven
Emrah Klimenta D Sacramento Republic Justin Braun FWD Indy Eleven
Alfonso Montagalvan D Sacramento Republic Kaleemullah FWD
Chris Christian D Colorado Springs Switchbacks Gilberto
Danny Barrera MF Sacramento Republic
Agustin Cazarez MF Sacramento Republic
Max Alvarez MF Sacramento Republic
Ivan Mirkovic MF Sacramento Republic
Octavio Guzman MF Sacramento Republic
Joaquin Rivas FWD/MF Sacramento Republic
Cameron Iwasa FWD Sacramento Republic
Tommy Stewart FWD Sacramento Republic
Adnan Gabeljic FWD Sacramento Republic
Matt Lagrassa MF

What do you think about Republic's offseason moves so far? Let us know in the comments below.