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Octavio Guzman joins Preki, Mirkovic in Saint Louis

Looking for the 2014 Republic's central midfield? It's in Saint Louis with Preki.

Photo Gallery: Sacramento Republic vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

Saint Louis FC continued the Prekitization of their their roster by announcing a trio of new signings today, including former Republic midfielder Octavio Guzman.

The fact that Guzman will not be in Old Glory Red next season should not come as a huge shock. Although it was never confirmed, speculation about Guzman's departure has swirled ever since he made an Instagram post seemingly saying goodbye to Republic fans last month.

The fact that he joined Saint Louis is also not terribly surprising, as it allows him to link up with Preki, who coached him with the Republic for the first 1.5 seasons of his professional career. Guzman is the second player from the championship winning 2014 Republic team to join Saint Louis this offseason. Ivan Mirkovic, his partner in central midfield for much of that season, was the first.

Whether he is the last Republic alumni to join Preki in Saint Louis remains to be seen. Either way, we wish Octavio success with his new team.

What are your thoughts on the latest Republic alum heading to Saint Louis? About what you expected? Sound off in the comments below!