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Contract status of every Republic player as we know it now.

We pored over old press releases so you don’t have to.

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

It has officially been 33 long days since the end of the 2016 Sacramento Republic season, which means we are well into the offseason. As with every offseason in any sport ever, speculation about which players will be coming back next season is well underway.

In order to assist you with your own speculation, we combed through all the old Republic press releases we could to compile a list of Republic player contracts.

The following players were signed only through the 2016 season, so they are currently out of contract.

Forwards: Carlton Cole, Christian Cheney, Wilson Kneeshaw, Harry Williams, Mackenzie Pridham, Cameron Iwasa, Joaquin Rivas

Midfielders: Daniel Trickett-Smith, JJ Koval, Chase Minter, Agustin Cazarez, Octavio Guzman, Danny Barrera (Update: Danny Barrera is signed through 2017), Matt LaGrassa

Defenders: Elliott Hord, Carlos Rodriguez, Chris Christian, Mike da Fonte, James Kiffe

Goalkeepers: Dominik Jakubek

The following players have a team option for 2017, which means that the team can decide whether or not it wants to bring them back for next year.

Midfielders: Alfonso Motagalvan, Max Alvarez

Defenders: Derek Foran, Emrah Klimenta

The only player whose contract length we were unable to find anything for was Evan Newton.

Of course, all this will likely change as we progress through the offseason. According to a team spokesperson, the team is currently in the contract renewal, extention, and option pick-up process. Whenever that process is finished, they will begin making announcements of who will be back for 2017.

There is no way of knowing exactly when the announcements will come, but hopefully they will bring us some good news.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated to reflect the correct information about the length of Danny Barrera’s contract.

Which players do you hope sign new contracts for 2017 or beyond? Are there any you hope the team declines the option on? Sound off in the comments below!