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Eastern Conference Power Rankings, Week 8

The Week 8 Power Rankings are here!

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Welcome back to the weekly Power Rankings! These rankings are accurate through the May 15th match between Bethlehem Steel FC v FC Montreal.

Important note on the rankings: 1100 is considered to be an average club, with tiebreakers going to the club that has played more matches.

Read up on our system here, and it's slight improvement here.


1 (Last Week- 1). Louisville City (1131)

Last Week: Won 2-0 vs Saint Louis FC on Saturday

This Week: @ Richmond (Saturday)

A win over King's Cup rival Saint Louis has kept Louisville atop our rankings for the third consecutive week, with their lead continuing to grow.

2 (4). FC Cincinnati (1119)

Last Week: Won 1-0 vs Pittsburgh on Saturday

This Week: @ Charlotte (Saturday)

A win in front of a record crowd has moved FC Cincinnati to the second spot.

3 (2). Charlotte (1118)

Last Week: Draw 1-1 @ Wilmington on Tuesday, Draw 0-0 @ Rochester on Saturday

This Week: vs FC Cincinnati (Saturday)

A top of the rankings match this week against FC Cincinnati will decide who takes second in next week's rankings.

4 (2). New York Red Bulls II (1116)

Last Week: Draw 1-1 vs Richmond on Saturday

This Week: @ FC Montreal (Saturday)

Facing the lowly Canadian club this week, Red Bulls II can move back up the rankings with a win.

5 (4). Rochester (1114)

Last Week: Draw 0-0 vs Charlotte on Saturday

This Week: @ Orlando City B (Sunday)

The Rhinos look to continue their five match unbeaten streak this week with their first trip to the Space Coast.

6 (7). Charleston (1113)

Last Week: Won 3-2 @ Harrisburg on Monday, Won 2-0 vs Toronto FC II on Saturday

This Week: @ Wilmington (Saturday)

After winning twice this week, the Battery are riding a hot streak and are unbeaten in four of their last five matches.

7 (6). Richmond (1108)

Last Week: Lost 1-0 @ Toronto FC II on Wednesday, Draw 1-1 @ New York Red Bulls II on Saturday

This Week: vs Louisville (Saturday)

The Kickers dropped this week after only gaining a point from two road matches. Richmond welcomes table and rankings leaders Louisville in a pivotal match Saturday.

8 (9). Bethlehem (1099)

Last Week: Won 2-1 vs FC Montreal on Sunday

This Week: @ Harrisburg (Sunday)

A comeback victory over Montreal has Bethlehem moving up a spot this week.

9 (8). Wilmington (1097)

Last Week: Draw 1-1 vs Charlotte on Tuesday

This Week: vs Charleston (Saturday)

Wilmington face another Carolina rival this week as they welcome Charleston to the Port City.

10 (11). Harrisburg (1089)

Last Week: Lost 3-2 vs Charleston on Monday

This Week: vs Bethlehem (Sunday)

With only one win in their last five, Harrisburg hosts their newest Pennsylvania rival, Bethlehem Steel, on Sunday.

11 (10). Toronto FC II (1085)

Last Week: Won 1-0 vs Richmond on Wednesday, Lost 2-0 @ Charleston on Saturday

This Week: @ Pittsburgh (Saturday)

TFC II took a step forward with a win over top half club Richmond and then two steps back after falling to Charleston on Saturday.

12 (12). Pittsburgh (1081)

Last Week: Lost 1-0 @ FC Cincinnati on Saturday

This Week: vs Toronto FC II (Saturday)

The Riverhounds are still looking for their first win of the season.

13 (13). Orlando City B (1076)

Last Week: Bye

This Week: vs Rochester (Sunday)

A bye week has left OCB in the same position as last week.

14 (14). FC Montreal (1066)

Last Week: Lost 2-1 @ Bethlehem on Sunday

This Week: vs New York Red Bulls II (Saturday)

Despite the early goal, FC Montreal gave up two penalties in a loss to Bethlehem, and drop further in the rankings.


Louisville City keep their rankings lead and continue to distance themselves from the rest of the East.

FC Cincinnati makes the biggest gains this week, moving up two spots. Charleston and Bethlehem each notched wins, helping both clubs move up one spot.

FC Montreal holds the league's longest losing streak at seven matches, as well as the last spot in the rankings for another week.

What are your thoughts on this week's rankings? Which club can breakaway from the rest and catch Louisville? Can FC Montreal move up from their position in the cellar? Let us know in the comments below!