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Post Match Recap - Sacramento Republic v Swope Park Rangers


Alex Leguizamo

Here is the best chance of the afternoon for the Republic. Also it is a metaphor for how the entire match went for them.

If you are not catching my drift we lost 1-0 to the Swope Park Rangers. Despite my best efforts in influencing the match I failed to do so...I am giving you all the ability to blame me for the loss.

Now I firmly believe that one play will not dictate the whole match. Matches are an ever evolving symphony where anything can and will happen. We should not blame the blunder in the back as we also could do nothing on the offensive side of the field to rebound from this Sunday League blunder from Klimenta and Christian. It happens...just keep telling yourself that like have been for the past hour. Professionals, college kids and your child's under-7’s all will have this happen at least once during a match but this time Sacramento was punished.

With the anticlimactic ending to this season like we have seen the past few years it is time for us to reflect on our mistakes, go outside to get some fresh air by watching some European soccer matches from our couches and start pouring over MLS expansion rumor threads like the JFK files.