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Turns out Sacramento Republic’s Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu can sing, too

What can’t the midfielder do?!

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Many of us are nearing what’s approaching a second week of isolation in an effort to battle the coronavirus pandemic, something hammered home this week with a Sacramento Republic FC player testing positive for COVID-19.

Like athletes, musicians tend to perform in front of crowds a lot because that’s often a big source of their income (also many love the thrill of performing live, etc.). Some musicians have been streaming mini-concerts from their homes in recent days to offer some kind of entertainment with so many of us stuck at home.

What if you combine sports and music? Sac Republic midfielder Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu followed suit with musicians streaming concerts, by doing his own “Tiny Apartment Concert” for fans on Friday by playing the keys and singing Coldplay’s “Yellow”:

The 25-year-old, a newcomer to Sac Republic this year, was known to have singing skills, after he crooned with some teammates while he was at Atlanta United, coming away the singing star of that pack.

Wheeler-Omiunu is a pro athlete, a Harvard graduate and a decent singer and piano player, too. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Keep it up, Renaissance Man.

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