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Post-Match Quotes: Buckle and Iwasa After Republic vs Swope Park Rangers

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Paul Buckle

On whether the draw felt like two points dropped or one point gained

Normally it would feel like two points lost but I actually feel like it's a point gained because we found it hard to created open chances tonight, which we haven't done in so many games of late. So with so such little time left on the clock I was pretty pleased with the reaction. I was very pleased we were able to take it up at least three notches to then go and really get at them, which we sort of failed to do all night before that. It took a goal for us to really get the tempo that I would want. The players showed great character to come back.

We expect to win every game we play, but we know we're not going to. So if you don't win and you're not having a great night, you don't lose. It was exciting at the end for a neutral.

I'm proud of the reaction, proud of the fans and the way they carried on supporting us. I think that's when you see the real importance of our supporters. We go a goal down and they just push the team forward, the team reacted. The team reacted very very well. It's a long time since we've been behind in a league game but we reacted against Liverpool the other night and we've reacted again tonight.

I'm not happy with a point, but we'll take it.

On Harry Williams's chances in the first half

The second play was incredible. It would've been arguably one of the best goals we've seen if he finishes it off, but at the moment that's where we are. Harry's a young player that's developing and you can see the signs are good. He has a real way and a real knack of getting away from his man. Just when you think that he's all tied up that the ball's going to taken off of him, he's able to wriggle through. Normally he's a very good finisher so whether you give credit to the defenders to get back, it would've been lovely to have seen him score because the play leading up to it was fantastic.

The game was littered with good play from us all night. All night we had some great interplay, some great passing moves... We just lacked the finish. And we lacked the finish at the end, Kiffe's chance at the end was a wonderful chance. For our left back to end up in the striker's position on the near post when the ball's being crossed from the left shows how we really wanted to win this game. It was very exciting and I thought we were going to get the winner.

It's not easy, the games are not easy. We have to get the first goal. We didn't get the first goal and it proved a different night for us.

On SPR's goal

Well, Dominik apologized after, in Dom style. He's the most honest player I've ever worked with. I think he would probably expect to save it, but he did move.

It was a nice strike from the boy. In coaching terms, would you be happy for someone to shoot from that distance? Probably, because nine and a half times out of ten it's not going to go in. So you know you've done something right defensively for him to shoot from there, there were no holes for him. He took his chance and just caught Dom out.

Dom's been first class for us. He had a couple tonight that he had to be alert with, certainly second half. As we look to attack there's always opportunities for the opposition against us and Dominik did very well in other situations to make sure that we got a point minimum.

Thoughts on Republic's well worked team goal

I'm delighted with Thommy Stewart's performance over the last three games. Tom sort of dipped in and out this season and tonight he looked a different player. He came on and he had some real purpose in his game. He did the same the other night, he did the same against Liverpool in two games. And that was the old Thommy Stewart. He caused problems. There was lovely play with him and Harry. Tom was aware enough and he's got that quality where he laid it across to Cameron. He didn't snatch at the chance, he was unselfish and he set his teammate up and Cameron finished it really well.

Cameron had a couple chances in our last game in Reno where he should score. And I said to Cam, it's the one thing -- the only thing -- that's missing from his game. So I'm very pleased with the way he finished because he hit the target, he smashed it home. And it was a great goal, it was a well worked goal from us.

On whether he's been looking ahead to Kitsap Pumas or if that starts now that the SPR game is over.

It's now that this game's over. I'll turn my attention to that tomorrow mindful that we'll have a game on Saturday. It's dangerous to chop and change, I've said this before. We finished the opposition well in the last game but it wasn't at our best. It's not an easy call to change it. I don't foresee there being as many changes as last time out if I'm honest at this moment in time.

On missing JJ Koval and Emrah Klimenta

I think Rivas did incredibly well. For somebody that's not played, he's come in and done a great job for us. He's a great kid to work with, he's been waiting for his time and he's come in and done us proud. It'll be nice to have Emrah back, he's a natural right back. It'll be nice to see Emrah link up with Trickett-Smith.

With Cameron now coming and finding his feet, Tom and Harry -- I think I said it at the start of the season that it'd take about 8 or 10 games for us to find our feet and I think I'm happy with the majority of stuff that's been going on of late with us, especially our passing game has really improved. We've still got lots to work on and I'll be delighted to have Emrah back.

JJ's a loss in the middle because he's very solid, very strong. When you have Auggie and Dan, they're great on the ball but sometimes it's hard for them to cope with the physical side.

Cameron Iwasa

On if the tie is a disappointment

For us it's definitely a disappointment. Overall, coming back and getting the draw, getting a point, that's positive. But in the end, especially when we play here, we expect to win every game so it's disappointment whenever we don't come out with the win.

On his goal

It was a good move, some good ball movement. Harry eventually slipped it through to Thommy, who played an unselfish ball to me. I had a pretty much open net, easy finish. Great ball movement from the team led to a easy finish in the end for me.

On the late push for a goal

We had plenty of opportunities, pretty unlucky for some of them not to go. I mean, Danny had that strike from the top of the box and the keeper made an unbelievable save so tip your hat to him on that. Sometimes you don't get that final touch, that final bounce.

On working with Williams and Trickett-Smith

They're both young and they're both super talented, so it's a lot of fun playing up to with them. It's been pretty dynamic and I think we move the ball well and we create a lot of chances.